ОАО "Владморрыбпорт"

Detailed information

Full name of the company:
PJSC ”Vladivostok sea fishing port”.

Short name of the company:
Place of location and postal address:

Berezovaya Street 25, 690012, Vladivostok, Russia

Tel/Fax: +7 423 227 72 10,
E-mail: %3Ea%2F%3C5000ps4000pstrophsif1000psofni%3E%225000ps4000pstrophsif1000psofni3000psot2000ps%22%3Dferh%20a%3C

www: www.fishport.ru

Data on State Registration:

Basic state registry number:

Date of the entry of the record on the state registration of juridical person into the common state registry of juridical person registration:
November 5, 2002.

Date of the state registration:
July 6, 1994.

The body, carrying out the state registration:
Pervomaiskiy area administration of Vladivostok city of Primorskiy region (Resolution of the Head of administration as of 06.07.94 N 636).

Identical number of the taxpayer: