ОАО "Владморрыбпорт"

Port Today

“Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port” PJSC represents the universal reloading complex, capable to carry out operations with different kinds of cargoes.

It has 10 deep water berths with a total length of berthing front of 2020m.The port can accept different kinds of vessels with draft from 8,6m up to 10,1m.

At present the Port is equipped by modern cargo handling appliances: gantry cranes with capacity from 3 to 40 tons, 45-ton rubber tyre gantry crane, loader of various capacity, the specialized wood and container loaders and other equipment capable of processing cargo of the various nomenclature.
One of the advantage of the port is the presence of its own railway that allow to carry out round-the- clock operation of loading/unloading of wagons.
1,200 people are working in the port. The high potential of company team and competent labor organization helped to achieve significant success . In 2010 the turnover of the port goods reached 1,751,500tons.

Activity kinds:

  • Transfer of cargoes of the various nomenclature, technological accumulation of cargo in covered warehouses and on the open areas;
  • Handling of export-import and coastal cargo;
  • Forwarding and customs processing of export-import, coasting and transit cargo;
  • Reception, fastening and dispatch of different large-capacity cargo by rail;
  • Agency service of ships;
  • Mooring operations, tug services for ships.

Stuff professionalism and high quality of service is the guarantor of sustainable success of PJSC “Vladivostok sea fishing port”.

Norms of ship handling

Name the cargoNorm(mt/day)
3Wire Rods2000-3000
4Steel Sheets (packaged)2500
5Steel coils2500
6Pig iron4000-5000
9Saw logs1000
11Cargo in big-bagsх2000
12Scrap metal1500-2000