The Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port is safely located within the sheltered waters of the Golden Horn Bay. The nonfreezing Golden Horn Bay is well protected from winds and has all-the-year-round navigation. The Fishing Port comprises 10 berths with a combined berthing length of 2020m with alongside depths of between 9.8m and 12.4m.


The general area of the port is more than 323 700 square meters. All territory of the port is secured and is under round-the-clock protection of special division of militia.

The Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port is the universal reloading complex that is capable apart from fish products handling to carry out cargo operations with such cargo classes as a timber, metal, fertilizers, cellulose, combustive-lubricating materials, etc. There are three covered warehouses for products, cellulose, cardboard, packages, fertilizers and other dry cargoes. Their useful storage space makes more than 58 000 square meters. All utilities are heated and supplied with effective system of ventilation that allows to maintain temperature inside them from 0 up to 20 Celsius degrees at any time of the year. It is possible to place up to 400 thousand tons of various cargoes at the open storage spaces on the berths

There are four- and five-floor refrigerators with the general area of 47 784 square meters located on the territory of the port.

The temperature mode, supported inside refrigerators by special compressor station, makes from -22 up to 0 Calcius degrees.

Since 1995 the container terminal has been operating on the territory of the port. The port owns 43 cranes ranging from 3 up to 40 tons and about 200 electric forklifts and loading trucks.

All berths and warehouses have rail access with combined length about 10 kilometers that adjoin to railway station Cape Tchurkin of Vladivostok branch of Far Eastern railway – a terminal point of a Trans-Siberian railway. The port operates about twenty thousand cars annually.

The port is directly connected to the network of highways of the Russian Federation.

The Port operates fleet of five tugboats capable of shifting ships of any size and passenger boat.

The Port's workforce numbers of nearly 1200 people. Due to round-the-clock work in shifts non-stop operation of the Port is ensured.

On the port territory the following structures are located:

  • State Administration of the Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port, carrying out control on the berth condition and navigation safety of offshore strip.
  • Pervomaiskiy area Custom Post of the Vladivostok Custom Service, carrying out legal registration of export and import cargoes.
  • Frontier Post of the Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port, providing with the maintenance of passport and visa.
  • Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of the Port, which controls the quality of food products, handled within the port.
  • Station of vessels technical supply.

Contact information

Address: 690012, Russia, Vladivostok, 25 Berezovaya Street

Telephone/Fax: (4232)27-72-10,

E-mail: info@fishport.ru

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