Port customs

The Customary Code of “Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port” PJSC is based on Russian legislation and international practice of operation of sea commercial ports.

Port accepts, both Russian and Foreign vessels all year round and at any time of day.

Accepting of a ship for handling, holding anchorage and other operations are performed only with the prior consent of the Port on the basis of agreements. Approach to the berths and the shifting is carried out only with the permission of the Port Dispatcher and in consultation with the Inspection Inspectorate of the Port. Dispatcher orders of shifting, moving away from the dock to be unquestioning execution.

Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels of over 1,000 tons and for all foreign vessels regardless of tonnage.

All services are provided by the port or on the basis of agreements with cargo owners, ship owners, agents, freight forwarders and other legal and natural persons, or on the basis of written applications addressed to the port.

Berthing of the ship at the port for processing executes on the basis of preliminary proposals and agreements between the port and ship-owner (agent) or cargo -owner.

Readiness of a vessel for cargo operations is registered in the form of a notice, in which the captain of a vessel informs the port, in what time and on how many hatches a vessel is ready to handle a cargo. The Port accepts the notice after the registration of a vessel by frontier and customs authorities, sanitary examination.

The document confirming anchoring the ship in the port is the Act of anchoring time accounting (timesheet), which is conducted by a vessel along with the administration of the port. All handling operations and nonproductive demurrage are fixed in timesheet in hours and minutes.

Responsibility of the parties (the ship, the Port, the charterer of the cargo) to comply with the terms and conditions of loading and unloading, including rates of dispatch (demurrage) determined by the agreements.