Railway access

All berths and warehouses of the Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port have spar-tracks with general extent of about 10km. They are adjacent to the railway station Cape Tchurkin of Vladivostok branch of the Far-Eastern railway – the terminate point of Trans-Siberian rail main line. Port handles about twenty thousand wagons annually.

The rolling stock of port fleet totals three diesel locomotives of the range TAM-2. The quantity of wagon, handled at once at the port station can reach the number of thirty units with weight no more than 1800t.

There is a railway department being an independent structural port unit. The main tasks of the department are car spotting from the loading rails to ports terminals and their removal back to loading rails after handling in proper time as well as providing conditions for normal technical exploitation of railways, safeguarding of shunting works and rolling-stock preservation.

Apart from this the railway department is responsible for realization of an operative management on execution of planned daily tasks on loading-unloading of wagons, cars and qualitative official registration of papers on wagons processing with Vladivostok branch Far Eastern railway and with port clients, the organization of shunting works on port's roads access.

All port railways are located on a platform and have no embankments, excavations and drainage devices. On all ways there is no deformation of the subgrade and artificial constructions. In the top structure of the ways a sort of ballast in a ballast layer – rubble. Thickness of a ballast layer is 15–20 sm. Fastenings from stealing is not required.

On access roads the unloading of cargoes on the open areas, in warehouses, as well as by the direct variant – “side-ship-wagon” is made. The unloading of the following dangerous classes of cargoes is authorized: cargoes of the third class (diesel engine, black oil) and of the second class (ammonia). Handling of wagons is made round-the-clock.

Cargo Fronts List

The number of cargo front The type of cargo front Way number Length, m. Way capacity, cars
1 Cargo 0 44-46 berth 404 20
2 Cargo 2 47-49 berth 300 15
3 Cargo 1 44-46 berth 530 29
4 Cargo 2 44-45 berth 200 10
5 Cargo 3 44-45 berth 200 10
6 Refrigerator #1 3 47 berth 125 6
7 Refrigerator #2 3 48 berth 180 10
9 Cargo 3 49 berth 280 14
10 Black oil discharge 7 44 berth 150 7
11 Cargo 1 50 berth 280 14
12 Cargo 2 50 berth 310 17
13 Cargo 1 52-53 berth 200 10
14 Cargo 2 51-52 berth 60 3
15 Cargo 3 51-53 berth 220 11
16 Cargo 4 52-53 berth 100 5
17 Cargo 5 52-53 berth 170 8

Basic Legislative Acts

  • The transport charter of railways of the Russian Federation
  • Rules of the technical exploitation of railways of the Russian Federation
  • The instruction of Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation on movement of trains and shunting job on railways of the Russian Federation
  • The instruction of Ministry of Railways of the Russian Federation on the signal system on railways of the Russian Federation
  • The instruction of Vladivostok Branch of Far Eastern Railway (VB FER) on the order of service and the organization of movement on road access of OJSC “Vladmorrybport” adjoining to station Cape Tchurkin of VB FER
  • Rules of a labour safety, the safety precautions, industrial sanitary and fire-prevention protection
  • Regulations on port railway department
  • Orders, directions and other supervising materials concerning industrial activity of railway department