The freight turnover of PJSC «Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port» in 2019.

In 2019, the cargo turnover is 4 million 592 thousand tons. It was the record year for PJSC «Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port» in volume of freight turnover. There has been a positive trend in the major cargo. Transshipment of priority cargo for 12 months of 2019:  container - 239,023 TEU (30.9%);  fish production- 355,300 tons (9%). One can say with certainly that we have much to be proud of. By results in 2019, PJSC «Vladmorrybport» deserve was named port Number one for transshipment of fish products in the Russian Federation. Last year, 898 vessels were processed at the berths of OJSC Vladmorrybport, of which 274 were vessels with fish products and cargo of ship supply.