Container terminal services

Vladivostok Container Terminal specializes in the transshipment of containers and general cargo of coasting and export-import lines.

At the terminal various types of ships are processed including

  • Container ship
  • General cargo ship
  • Ro-Ro and ferry.

The terminal is located at 50-53 berths with a total area of over 50 000 m² and a length of the quay wall of 600 m, depth at a water wall is 9.5 m. The berthing line is equipped with four gantry cranes "Kondor" capacity of 40 t , two cranes of 25 t. and rubber tyre gantry cranes ( RTG) firm "Kalmar" carrying capacity of 45 tons each. The terminal can place up to 10 thousand tons of general cargo and 5 thousand TEU including refrigerated containers. Handling machinery, consisting of high-tech auto-loaders with load capacity from 4,5 to 45 t allows us to solve the full spectrum of container and cargo handling. The terminal is guarded around the clock. In 2012 for handling heavy cargoes purchased two gantry cranes Liebherr.  Container terminal can place up to 5 thousand TEU, including refrigerator containers and near 10 thousand tons general cargo simultaneously.

Vladivostok Container Terminal works for the future development of rail and sea transport for shipping container lines: import of goods from Korea, China, America, Japan, as well as short-sea cargo container lines in the Magadan, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Anadyr.

Norms of ships handling is 500 TEU per day.

The terminal provides a full range of services related to cargo handling on rail and road transport to sea and vice versa, namely:

  • receipt / delivery from the terminal 20 / 40 foot loaded / empty containers;
  • loading / unloading 20/40 foot containers on a ship / from the ship, railway cars and motor vehicles;
  • location and storage of cargo in simple containers and refrigerated containers (with power connections on the client's request);
  • stuffing containers of various cargo;
  • acceptance, lashing and send any goods by rail, including non-standard and oversized machinery and equipment;
  • placing and storage of cargo in bonded warehouse with an open area of 4,000 m²;
  • providing cargo handling equipment and manpower to carry out customs inspections of export import cargo.

Currently maintained at the terminal following weekly shipping export import lines:

In coastal areas are operating

In addition to liner ships are processed monthly tramp vessels with a variety of goods, vehicles and equipment.

Container turnover of the terminal is:

2007 — 52000 TEU;
2008 — 67000 TEU;
2009 — 62151 TEU;
2010 — 77090 TEU;
2011 — 108767 TEU;
2012 — 144743 TEU;
2013 — 149819 TEU.