Container terminal services

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OJSC Vladivostok Sea Fishing Port operates a modern container terminal specializing in the handling of container and general cargo of coastal and export-import lines.

Vessels handled at the terminal: container ships, multi-purpose vessels for transportation of general cargo, vessels for transportation of various types of vehicles, including Ro-Ro vessels and ferries.

The terminal is located on 50-53 berths with a total area of ​​over 50,000 square meters. m and the length of the mooring wall is 600 meters. The depths at the mooring wall are 9.5 m. The mooring line is equipped with four Kondor gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and two cranes with a lifting capacity of 25 tons. At the rear of the berths, the storage of containers is carried out by two gantry cranes on pneumatic stroke RTG of Kalmar company with a lifting capacity of 45 tons each. In 2012, 2 LIEBHERR gantry cranes on a rail running LPS420 and LPS280 were purchased for transshipment of heavy cargoes. The terminal area allows you to place up to 5 thousand simple and refrigerated TEU containers and up to 10 thousand tons of general cargo.

Warehouse equipment, consisting of high-tech forklifts with a lifting capacity of 4.5 to 45 tons, allows you to solve the whole range of tasks for the processing of containers and cargo. The entire territory of the terminal is guarded around the clock.

The container terminal works on the prospect of developing rail and sea transportation on container shipping lines: import of goods from Korea, China, America, Japan, as well as short-sea cargo on container lines to Magadan, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Anadyr.

The processing rate for container line vessels is 500 TEU per day.

The terminal provides a full range of services related to the transshipment of various cargoes from rail and road transport to sea and vice versa, namely: receiving / issuing from the terminal 20/40 foot loaded / empty containers; loading / unloading of 20/40 foot containers on / from the vessel to railway wagons and vehicles; placement and storage of goods in simple containers and in refrigerated containers (with connection to the power grid at the request of the client); stuffing containers with various cargoes; reception, securing and dispatch of any cargo by rail, including non-standard and oversized machinery and equipment; placement and storage of goods in the equipped open area of ​​the container warehouse; provision of transshipment equipment and labor for customs examinations of export-import cargo.

Currently, the terminal operates the following weekly shipping export-import lines:

  • MAERSK LINE, (Web site: ).

In the coastal areas, they operate - Sakhalin Shipping Company (Web site: and Trans-Line CJSC (Web site: In addition to linear vessels, tramp vessels with various cargoes, motor vehicles, and equipment are monthly processed.

The container turnover of the terminal is:

  • 2007 year – 52000 TEU;
  • 2008 year – 67000 TEU;
  • 2009 year – 62151 TEU;
  • 2010 year – 77090 TEU;
  • 2011 year – 108767 TEU;
  • 2012 year – 144743 TEU;
  • 2013 year – 149819 TEU.
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